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Unveiling the Soulful Harmony: A Journey into the Heart of Gospel Music with Grant Allison IV

In the world of gospel music, where divine inspiration meets artistic expression, there emerges a soul-stirring talent—Grant Allison IV. Gifted with the ability to articulate the divine into earthly melodies, Grant’s music serves as a profound testament to the power of faith and personal experience. As a dedicated artist committed to honoring God wholeheartedly, Grant’s musical journey is a compelling narrative of passion, dedication, and divine connection.
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Divine Harmonies: How Grant Allison IV’s Music Echoes Faith and Devotion While Creating a Bridge for Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music

Regarded by many as a modern-day David, Grant’s big break came in 2016 when he received a message from the Lord saying he needed to embark on a journey unknown. Responding to this calling, he returned to school and began nurturing his gift of worship and songwriting, graciously sharing it with ministries and worship teams. Concurrently, God breathed life into the music that he crafted in his heart, recording and releasing it for the world to appreciate. Read more >>>

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A son, husband, worship leader, and songwriter. Passionate Musician/Worshiper with several years of experience in songwriting, and worship leading, adept at writing music that articulates the heart of God in the earth. Experienced in digital composition and recording processes. Many call Grant Allison IV a modern-day David, he combines his heart for God and his love for worship and songwriting in every encounter. In late 2016 Grant received a word from the Lord of things to come and was given the charge to step out onto a journey unknown. This journey led him to return to school, begin sharing God's gift of worship and songwriting with other ministries and worship teams, as well as record the music God placed in his heart.


In 2017 Grant won a songwriting competition that led him down the path to release his first single, “Everything”. Grant later released his first EP titled "The Call" in 2018. In 2020 Grant placed top 30 out of thousands of writers in the “American Songwriters Competition” and recorded his first live recording. He’s released subsequent singles from this project “The Hills”.

Grant worships across the country as the Lord sends him to share his gift and unique sound. He has worshiped prophetically alongside great men and women of the faith. Grant completed his degree in Music and Biblical Studies from Visible Music College and resides with his wife and daughter in Chicago.


Uniquely the goal for Grant is simple, "To create meeting places for the presence of the Lord to dwell" and articulate the heart of the Father through song."

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